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About Keren Geva, Owner & Founder of

Organize it

Keren Geva Home Organizer

Hi, my name is Keren and I’m the proud owner of Organize it.


If my 13 years of experience have taught me anything it is this: meeting a client exactly where they are and allowing the space and safety to truly open up their homes, lives, and hearts is the key to building trust.


A fully open and trusting professional relationship is the absolute requirement for success. My clients will always know that I have the utmost respect not only for them but for every single one of their belongings. I am extremely results oriented and am invested in the ongoing success of my clients. I offer ongoing support and will work tirelessly to find solutions that fit my clients’ lives.


My goal is to redefine my client’s relationship with managing their own home. Giving the client a “toolbox” to follow a new set of “rules” is the key to long-term success. I will spend time getting to know each client’s individual needs and challenges. I provide a safe space free from judgment to facilitate a lasting and meaningful change. 


Living and working in an organized environment will not only improve the way our homes and offices look but will also positively impact the interactions among household members, budgeting, and time management.


I would love to create for you a space you will enjoy.

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