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Modern Bedroom

Keren is an absolute professional and master at what she does, with over a decade of experience.  I moved into a new apartment and needed a final push to finish unpacking and make good use of my small storage spaces. Keren brought in the fun, active, efficient energy I needed to get all projects done. Keren systematically went through each space in my home, assessing it for improvements and designing it to fit better with my lifestyle. She works so quickly and came up with clever solutions and arrangements that had never occurred to me. I loved how my closet looked after she worked on it -- all the spaces she touched became much nicer. After working with Keren, all "loose ends" were tied up -- everything that had been on my floor now had a home. What a relief. It was an incredibly efficient day.  Keren also followed up with a thoughtful recommendation for pieces of furniture and storage I needed to buy to make my space elevated and even more functional. They were customized to the right measurements and even had specific "buy" links.  I'm so grateful to have had her guidance while making these purchase decisions, to save time, money, and effort creating a nice home. 

Nathalie A.

Modern Bedroom

Keren Geva and her team helped us when we moved home. We had lived in the same house for more than 30 years and having decided to downsize we realized that we had accumulated too much to fit into our new temporary accommodation. Keren taught us to be brutal, to differentiate between essential and non-essential and to measure what was being retained for falsely sentimental reasons. Her guidance made all the difference.


When it came to the actual move Keren's team moved in and packed up our possessions in a careful and highly organized manner. Everything was ready for the transport in good time and when the unpacking was done, it was in line with our requirements and so efficient that everything was in its new place that same evening. We moved again a few months later to our new home and we didn't use Keren's services so we have a direct comparison. We made a mistake. Keren's service was so much better. We can unreservedly recommend Keren and her team.

Liz & Terry Morris

Home Decor

I met Keren after brain surgery which left me disabled, with difficulty arranging and sorting. It is difficult to describe the problematic nature of my home, the clutter of clothes, and the clutter of objects without sorting work that a regular housekeeper in charge of cleaning would not have been able to perform. With a lot of patience and love and without any judgment Keren led a sorting and organizing process that started in my son’s room and continued throughout the house.

For the past four years, most storage and arrangement solutions have continued to fulfill their role. The mess does not return and if I am required for a seasonal project, I consider it a personal gift I give myself.

Rakefet H.

Modern Interior Design

We had to Declutter and pack our closets and bathrooms, due to a construction project, I contacted Keren and she was amazing, so professional, knowledgeable and helpful, she came and completed the job in one day and made it seem like a breeze. If you need assistance with any type of decluttering or organizing she is the perfect one for the job.

Nofar B.

Kitchen Counter

Keren came to help me arrange my bedroom closets and cabinets. She sorts, and arranges everything logically, without the need for a change of seasons. After 5 hours together, which was very enjoyable because the bonus is that Keren is lovely and pleasant to work with. She left my cabinets arranged for glory! everything is accessible, arranged by categories we decided on together. Keren worked in a system that allows me to maintain the new order long after she was gone.  A professional, agile job, with a lot of sensitivity to my difficulty in sorting out the clothes, I had a wonderful experience working with her. Highly recommended!

Miri I.

Livingroom Interior

Outstanding expertise, service and cost. I found Keren at the perfect time when I was downing sizing to studio. It was such a challenge until I hired her firstly for furniture recommendations and placement.  Her sample designs were creative and took in all my needs. I continued to use her for suggestions on space saving details and decorating. After 5 sessions I not only have a functional and personalized home but also a list of further recommendations to implement as I can.  The entire project was made enjoyable by Keren’s knowledge and enthusiasm. I Highly recommend Organize It!

Raeta R.

Kitchen Counter

Keren is amazing. Our apartment was messy, and full of things we didn't need. Keren came with great energy, worked with us and organized everything very fast and efficiently. We threw away, recycled and donated a lot!! She found the best places to put the  items we do need. She helped us get the right boxes and baskets. Now we keep things organized since this experience changed our mindset too. I would definitely recommend working with Keren!

Anat L.

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