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Get Organized. Reduce Clutter. Be Inspired.

At Organize it, we help transform our clients' living spaces and workspaces into optimal stress-free environments.

How it Works

How it Works

Stage 01

Getting acquainted

It all starts with a conversation. I listen to your thoughts, wishes & challenges in order to achieve your dream result. It’s important to me to find the best methods to organize your home in the most peaceful and positive way for you. That’s why my process includes learning about your home organizational needs, your boundaries and your abilities. I will then ask you to send me a photo or video of the designated place you want to organize so that I can get a bettern idea about the project.

Stage 02

Letting go of clutter

This is where I tell you more about my method and how we will create the right way to organize your space. After we set the best time to meet, I might give you some homework, such as preparing yourself mentally to say goodbye to some items in your home. Or I might ask you to think about what spot in the house bothers you most and where you want to start organizing.

Stage 03

Optimizing your space

When we meet, I will spend the first 15-20 minutes on getting to know the house, and more specifically, the areas that you want to organize.
Then, we will begin sorting out items you have in the space we are focusing on, and I will help you decide what to keep and what to donate, sell or throw away.

Stage 04

Learning to love your space

We will create the system that works best for you so that you can keep your home organized for months to come. This includes storing the leftover items in a way that clears up space for the things that matter to you.

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